ShouldersCorp utilizes lightweight, iterative, adaptive methods which allow rapid response to changing realities.



ShouldersCorp modernizes working but outdated systems by reuse and refactoring, doing the "heavy lifting".



ShouldersCorp analyzes, models, simulates and redesigns processes to allow breakthrough improvements in performance.



ShouldersCorp provides advisory, management and software development services to Fortune 500 companies and Government Agencies. Our seasoned staff are experts in business process modeling and reengineering, Health Care IT, acquisition reform, modeling and simulation, and information systems integration and development. We are a boutique firm with strong partnering relationships and a philosophy of getting things done "on time, on spec and on budget" using Agile practices.

Sir Isaac Newton was once asked how he accomplished so much in a lifetime. He replied "because I am standing on the shoulders of giants."



We are HIRING. Are you looking to join a professional consulting firm in the D.C. area? We have a number of open positions.