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The deadline is approaching fast. Your status reports have hit a plateau, and you suspect that your software development mission is in jeopardy. It is not clear whether what you are hearing is what you "want to" hear or what you "need to" hear. You are starting to have doubts whether it will ever finish. It is clear to you that everyone is working as hard as they can on their "trees," but nobody has a view of the "forest" anymore. To put it simply, you are starting to lose faith in the product and the team, and trust is eroding, fast!

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Expertise: ShouldersCorp has experienced and technical hands-on project managers, as well as management consultants, some with 20+ years of executive experience in software management. ShouldersCorp also has seasoned software architects who understand the "buy vs. build" tradeoffs and who are on top of the latest state of the art, or the "bleeding edge," in technology. ShouldersCorp employs seasoned programmers and proprietary software assets that allow its team to produce software faster than what can be done with the conventional manual way.

Approach: What you are running into is typical in many software organizations that we have encountered in the past. Our management consultants and project managers will interview your team, including marketing, sales, quality assurance, and software engineering. Using ShouldersCorp's proprietary project management techniques, they will pinpoint the current status of your project. If you hear "65% complete" from our people, then rest assured, that is the reality.

With our software architects, you will get recommendations on the viability of the scope and approach, as well as recommending "buy vs. build" solutions. If extra resources are needed, then our seasoned engineering team can be engaged, as needed, to complement your team. Our hands-on project managers can then begin monitoring progress, and can publish status reports that you can trust. We want to be your partners in success.

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