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Case Studies: The Startup Dilemma

Your Profile

You and your startup team are ready to take on the world: a solid business plan; an excited sponsor; an out-of-this-world idea, and a world-class expert team full of ideas and motivation. However, you know that time to market is critical to your success. It is time to design the architecture, build the prototype and court the customers, before someone else does.

Your Problem

You need your prototype built and ready to go fast! There are trade shows to attend, customers to visit, and deadlines promised to investors. You must utilize the most promising technologies (Java, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), XML, Middleware, Java Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSPs), Multi-tier architecture, or distributed computing environments) and you need to hire a top-notch team. You don't feel that you need to pay the steep salaries nor do you want to "give away the farm" to get the desired talent.

If only you can get over the initial hump and have the design, architecture, and prototype done by the top-notch people you need! You would have bought yourself the time (the only thing you don't have) to recruit excellent engineers to maintain and continue to develop the software. You can not afford to be burdened by the recruitment of additional, top-tier talent to get the job done "on time, on spec, and on budget." More importantly, the last thing you want to do is hire the wrong people or more than what is warranted for continuing operations and then have to let them go!

Our Solution

Expertise: ShouldersCorp has professionals with 10+ years of software development and management experience. Be it Java, RDBMS, EJBs, JSPs, XML, Servlets, Middleware, Multi-tier systems, or distributed computing solutions, members of the ShouldersCorp team have "been there and done that!" Furthermore, they have an impeccable record of delivering such "bleeding edge" projects "on time, on spec, and on budget!"

Approach: Our consultants can help you refine your business plan. After all, several members of the team have held senior executive and management positions in venture-funded companies. They can even put you in contact with some VC firms, or suggest ideas along that line. As for architecture, project management, technical depth, experience in software development or process, the ShouldersCorp team will provide you with a pool of talent and tens of calendar years of experience that you simply cannot find in one place. This same team, will help you determine the talent that you need on on-going basis and interview your future employees. Most importantly, by working with ShouldersCorp's staff side-by-side, your newly-hired engineers will gain first-hand experience while simultaneously building your firm's software.

After all, it is ShouldersCorp's job and goal to make sure that your company can stand on its own feet and sprint towards success. We are in the business of ensuring your success.

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