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Dr. Tom Love, Co-Founder and CEO

Dr. Tom Love has been involved in leading edge software engineering projects since the mid-1970’s. Recently, he led a ShouldersCorp team to do an assessment of the feasibility and risks associated with the reengineering of the VistA system for the CIO of Veterans Health Administration.

Tom has held significant technical and management positions in companies such as GE, ITT, IBM and Morgan Stanley. At Morgan Stanley, he was the Managing Director responsible for all trading and risk management software worldwide. As a VP of IBM consulting, he won and managed a major project to develop a Computerized Medical Record system for a 900-bed medical center. He also was responsible for designing and implementing an assessment center selection process for new IBM consultants. In the past 11 years he has had direct on-site management responsibility for 5 significant agile development projects all of which were delivered on time, on spec and on budget the largest of which involved a team of 175. Many lessons learned are recorded in his Cambridge University book, Object Lessons: lessons learned from object-oriented development projects. Tom has also published a series of well regarded papers on software metrics, estimation techniques and human factors beginning in the 1970s. He founded the first company selling object-oriented development tools and organized the meeting which led to ACMs OOPSLA conference, the largest annual conference devoted to object technology.

Dr. Love is on the CMU/SEI Board of Visitors, is a founder of the Worldwide Institute of Software Architects (WWISA), and holds a Ph.D. from the University of Washington where he studied the characteristics of successful computer programmers.